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Why SEO Is Important for the Pickleball Industry

While I usually focus on SEO, this post will explore another passion of mine: pickleball. More specifically, I’ll discuss how SEO intersects with this rapidly growing sport.

Pickleball, the popular paddle sport, is sweeping the nation. Millions of Americans are playing pickleball, with many more expected to join.

SEO is vital for companies in growing industries, and pickleball is no exception. A robust SEO strategy can drive long-term growth for any pickleball-related business or organization.

So, let’s explore this topic. Why is SEO important for the pickleball industry?

Pickleball is a booming industry

Financially speaking, the pickleball industry is huge. And it’s growing at a remarkable rate.

In 2023, the global pickleball market was valued at $1.47 billion. By 2030, that figure is expected to reach $2.91 billion. That’s a growth of roughly 98% in just seven years. (source: Maximize Market Research)

This value is largely due to the high number of people playing pickleball in the United States. According to reports, more than 36.5 million people played pickleball from August 2021 to August 2022. (source: CNBC)

With millions of people playing pickleball, buying paddles and equipment, and paying for pickleball club memberships, it’s easy to see why the pickleball industry is positioned to thrive for a long time.

More people are searching for pickleball than ever before

In addition to playing pickleball, more people are searching for pickleball online.

Since 2020, online search activity for pickleball has climbed steadily, reaching new heights in 2023.

Google Trends graph displaying growth in online search activity for "pickleball."

Now, the term “pickleball” receives approximately 673 thousand searches per month in the United States alone. (source: Semrush)

When you drill down to more specific pickleball queries, like nearby courts, paddles for sale, and instructions on how to play, the search volumes continue to impress.

Semrush data of pickleball-related keywords and their search volumes.

Thousands of people search for these and several other pickleball terms every month. These numbers will only increase as participation grows.

It’s possible to rank quickly for these terms (for now)

Despite high search volumes, it’s still possible to quickly rank for pickleball-related keywords.

For example, in March 2024, I launched a website that helps people learn how to play pickleball called Pickleball Guide. Within days, the site began ranking for high-value terms.

Semrush data of keyword rankings for PickleballGuide.co.

The pickleball industry is still relatively new. The search engine results pages (SERPs) are not yet saturated, making it easier to rank for target queries.

But that won’t last forever, which brings me to my next point:

Competition will only increase over time

In every industry, growth in competition is natural. Pickleball is no different.

Just a few years ago, there were only a handful of established pickleball paddle and equipment manufacturers.

Now? A quick glance at sites like Pickleball Central reveals a large number of providers. And this isn’t even the full list of pickleball paddle options you can buy online.

List of pickleball paddle brands for sale on PickleballCentral.com.

This is also the case for manufacturers of pickleball shoes, bags, balls, nets, and other items. New brands are appearing all the time and building their online presence.

Where does SEO fit in with all this?

We know that pickleball is a thriving industry, more people are searching for pickleball online, and it’s feasible to rank quickly for pickleball terms. Where does SEO come into play?

Simply put, SEO is how pickleball companies can capture these opportunities and secure valuable online visibility.

SEO involves optimizing your website to drive web traffic from Google and other search engines. SEO can help your business:

  1. Rank for relevant pickleball keywords that your customers are searching for
  2. Establish your business as an authoritative and trusted source in the pickleball space
  3. Acquire thousands of organic web visitors (i.e., visitors you don’t have to pay for) with a strong potential to grow over time

When you consider the growth potential of the pickleball industry, investing in SEO almost makes too much sense.

How should you approach your pickleball company’s SEO?

So, if you’re a pickleball company or organization, how should you approach or manage your SEO efforts?

If you have the personnel or the technical skills to handle SEO in-house, then you’re all set! Make sure your team is aligned and execute your SEO and content strategy accordingly.

If you need help developing and executing a full-scale SEO strategy, consider hiring an SEO agency or a dedicated freelance SEO consultant.

Working with an SEO freelancer, especially one with pickleball knowledge, can help you:

  • Conduct keyword research to identify relevant terms and emerging keyword trends
  • Optimize your product or service pages to rank on Google for target queries
  • Develop a long-term blog and content strategy to build topical authority
  • Maintain the technical health of your website for Google’s crawlers
  • Navigate Google algorithm updates and times of SEO uncertainty

Regardless of your approach, the best time to invest in your company’s SEO is today. Start working on your pickleball organization’s SEO and enjoy the benefits for years to come!

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