About Me

As an SEO specialist, I help businesses achieve higher keyword rankings on Google and increase their web traffic. Learn more about my background and what I like to do outside of SEO!

My Background

My SEO career began at a boutique digital marketing agency, working with several clients of various size and industry. During that time, I grew in all areas of SEO and acquired skills in content marketing, email marketing, social media management, and more.

At my second SEO agency, I managed a team of SEO Specialists. We oversaw the on-page and technical SEO program for dozens of clients. We worked closely with other departments, including content and PPC, to help clients achieve their digital marketing goals.

Currently, I am the SEO Manager at Sharecare, a digital health and wellness company. I oversee SEO strategy and projects that touch all areas of the company's large website, working closely with developers, writers and editors, and other departments.

Overall, I have been involved with or managed more than 50 companies' SEO campaigns and projects. If you'd like to learn how my experience can help your business, check out my freelance SEO services. And if you came here for pickleball SEO, you can learn more about my pickleball SEO consulting.

Outside of Work

Outside of work, I keep myself busy with a variety of things. I'm an avid tennis and pickleball player. I recently created a pickleball instruction website called Pickleball Guide. I support Penn State and Philadelphia sports teams, all of which only cause me occasional stress. I produce a Penn State sports-related podcast with a friend called Nittany Blues. Other than that, I love watching movies (especially in theater), tinkering with websites, and spending time with my two cats and two dogs.

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